It was the first pussy he saw in person in his entire life and he was in awe. This quickly ended as Linda snapped him right out of it. "Quit staring and start sucking your cum out of my stockings right this moment or we will repeat your spanking. If I see even a hint of any wet spot that isn't saliva on my stockings you will be sorry." Linda said sternly.

That was all the motivation Mark needed to focus solely on sucking the cum spots out of this woman's stockings. Much to Linda's amusement, his reaction to Seeing her pussy had been one she had already witnessed by many virgins. He was so close his first ever pussy, the smell strong in his nostrils. He was only inches away and yet instead he was sucking cum from the sensitive spots on her inner thighs. This is absolute power, Linda though as she let out a moan keeping a firm hold of the sissy's hair.

Mark was brought to yet another height of humiliation. Besides the first time seeing a pussy, this was his first time tasting cum as well and it tasted and felt gross in his mouth. He did carry on sucking up his entire load however, he didn't dare do anything less than a perfect job.

The clicking of heels eventually returned and with that Mark was pulled up from between Linda's legs. His cock was still rock hard as she released his hair. "Now get up on the platform." Linda snapped. She suddenly burst out laughing as she spotted his pubic hair for the first time now that he was standing up. "Oh my god, that is too funny, how can you even deny being a sissy with that?" Linda asked laughing out loud. Her daughter wasn't laughing however, the shy girl with the bad lisp just blushed.

"Alright, down to business. Stephanie, get over there and give our customer a blowjob. You can't try on pretty panties with a stiffy after all." Linda said much to Marks surprise. A blowjob? Really? He had never had any kind of sex with a girl before. This would be another first time and Stephanie looked hot. At last something enjoyable.

"Yeth Mommy." Stephanie said without hesitation as she moved to the platform towards Mark. She instantly she dropped down to her knees and wrapped her soft lips around his cock. It felt like heaven. This was one fucked up family but for once he didn't feel a single urge to resist. If only her mother wasn't so crazy he would have hit on the girl.

As soon as Stephanie put her tongue into action Mark realised why she had that lisp. The girl had a big metal ball piercing in her tongue which felt intense as she worked it on his cock. The girl was obviously a pro and she made him cum in under a minute. To which Linda instantly started laughing. "Oh my god, you certainly give the word premature ejaculation a whole new meaning. That was pathetic. I suggest you start learning how to use that mouth of yours cause that little dick won't satisfy anyone."

"Stephanie, why don't you get up and give the sissy a kiss? Growing sissies need all the protein they can get after all." Linda explained which confused Mark. Much to his despair he found out immediately what Linda had meant. Stephanie hadn't wasted anytime and had risen only to kiss the unsuspecting Mark full on the lips. Before he even realised what was happening the girl pushed her tongue deep into his mouth, forcing it past his lips to transfer the entirety of his load back into his own mouth before breaking the kiss.

Unlike the small bits he had sucked out of the stockings over time this was a full awe full tasting slimy load making him gag. Realising he was going to spit it out Linda quickly intervened. "Don't even think about spitting or you will shine up the floor with your tongue and receive another trashing." She shouted in his direction.

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It took a lot of effort but knowing he basically had no choice Mark swallowed down the entirety of the big slimy load followed by some retches. He had finally received an orgasm by someone else than himself and kissed a hot girl but that only barely made up for the fact that she had pushed his load back into his mouth. It was only a minor victory.

A victory that got entirely obliterated when Linda said. "Now Stephanie, why don't you raise your skirt and let this sissy here thank you with a proper kiss? You have done an amazing job and it is the least he can do in return."

"Yeth Mommy." The girl said blushing slightly as she pulled up the edge of her skirt in a dainty manner. Mark's eyes nearly popped out of his head as he spotted the pink chastity cage sitting above a pair of very swollen looking balls. This pretty girl he had just kissed was a he? His first real sexual contact was with another man and now he was supposed to give that thing a kiss? Mark's head was spinning. This couldn't be real. Sure, this girl looked rather flat chested and her outfit was quite over the top but she couldn't be a guy right?

After enjoying Marks look of horrid realisation for a minute, Linda Spoke up again. "Get on your knees and Kiss that clit of her or I will unlock her and let her fuck your mouth instead!" Linda screamed at Mark.

Looking up Mark could see a glint of lust in this so called "Stephanie's" eyes. By the looks of her, his, whatever's balls it was obviously he hadn't had release for a while. Mark could see it in his eyes that he hoped he would disobey. Sadly for Stephanie her stepmother's threat seemed to be enough to motivate Mark. The new sissy dropped to his knees in front of her and gave the tip of the plastic cage a reluctant kiss making Stephanie moan.

Marks head was still swimming. He had just received a blowjob from a guy, kissed a guy, and now kissed his caged cock. This he just wished the ground would swallow him whole. Instead he got dragged out of his thoughts by Linda's loud voice. "Alright, you are finally learning. Now take the lingerie Stephanie brought out and get dressed. Stephanie you can come here and use that tongue on mommy while she enjoys the show." Linda said still in her recliner.

"Yeth Mommy." Stephanie said with a slight hint of frustration due to barely missing a chance of release. She wouldn't even have cared about raping this boy's face if it meant she could finally use her cock again. It had been locked up a few days after her father died more than a year ago and it had never been touched ever since.

Both sissies walked to the recliners under the satisfying gaze of Linda. Mark still walked like a boy while Stephanie minced. Despite her frustration Stephanie remained completely graceful and obedient.

While Stephanie dropped on her knees and started licking her stepmother's pussy with a lot of skill gained from over a year of practice. Mark picked up the white and pink lingerie from the other recliner and walked back to the platform. Linda nearly instantly came squirting over her stepsons face as soon as he had started licking. She was just so horny from breaking in this new sissy and being in complete control of both sissies and Stephanie knew all her special spots so well by now.

Not knowing where to start Mark just picked up the first garment which happened to be a bra. He had no clue of how to even start putting it on and just looked at it stupidly. "Put your armmmmmmms in it and hook it behind your back. Don't expect any help, or do you plan to ask your mmmmmmommy at home?" Linda moaned to a blushing Mark who envisioned just what she had described.

It took a while until he had figured it out but eventually he managed to fasten the thing behind his back. The bra was made of white satin with padded cups making it stand out Despite the fact that he had no breasts to fill them with. The white cuffs and shoulder bands both had a layer of hot pink lace at the edges. On top there were two pink satin bows right at the nipples of the bra.

Up next she slid on the panties which were also white satin with a thick crotch and hot pink lace trimming round the waistband and the leg holes as well as a couple rows on his butt making it appear to have more volume. The next item was a garter belt and he didn't have a single clue what to do with it and Linda didn't seem to even try and advise him this time. She looked flustered and appeared to have yet another orgasm while Stephanie dutifully licked away.

Eventually Mark figured out he just had to step into it but pulling up the garment proved difficult. He failed to pull it past his ass. He was just about to complain that it was too small when Linda spoke up. "Just pull harder sissy!" Is all she shouted before it was right back to moaning.

Mark pulled with all his might and eventually managed to get it past his butt, all the way up to the bottom of his ribcage. He felt as if he was being cut in half by the strong garment that pulled his waist in a couple of inches. It forced him to breath from his chest and was very uncomfortable. Despite him classifying it as a torture device the garment looked silky and dainty. The strong rubber lining was covered in white satin which ran from the top of his hips to the bottom of his rib cage. The edges were once again decorated in hot pink lace and the front and back had a big hot pink lace panel. At the front and back of each thigh was a white garter ending in a big hot pink bow at the clip.

Last but not least there was a pair of stockings in a glossy sheer white nylon fabric, they had a cuban heel in hot pink which flowed into a back seam to eventually end in hot pink lace stocking tops. sliding the sheer white nylon fabric up his legs simply felt electrifying. He had never even though clothes could feel this good, but the sheer nylons on his smooth legs certainly managed to stir something inside him. It took a long time for Mark to figure out how the garter tabs worked and to succeed in attaching them, but once he did he was fully dressed in a matching set of lingerie. The stockings really put the whole outfit together making his legs look shapely.

Like he had never thought clothes could feel this good, he had also never thought that dressing could be this hard and time consuming. It had nearly taken an hour and Linda had lost count of the orgasms she had during that time. Stephanie was still dutifully licking when Linda finally pushed her away. Her stepson didn't even get a thank you or a compliment. She simply gave her next command. "Stephanie, go check if the new sissy has put on everything correctly and if not correct where needed."

"Yeth Mommy." Said Stephanie with a face shining from her stepmothers' pussy juices. Her makeup was ruined and yet Mark couldn't help himself but still find her attractive. It messed with his mind. He wasn't into guys.

As she came close Mark could smell Linda's pussy again. He could also see an anger towards him in her eyes. It was irrational, but Stephanie blamed Mark for not getting out. It was her stepmothers' fault really, but she had been conditioned to always remain docile to her. So in her eyes Mark became the scape goat.

Mark was nervous as the girl, boy, whatever circled him. He still couldn't exactly wrap his mind over what he should call Stephanie. Here he stood on display in the most girly set of lingerie he had ever seen, and yet compared to Some of the other things that had happened here, this was less embarrassing.

After all Mark had had some time to get used to the idea of being seen wearing his panties at home. It remained very embarrassing, but not to the extend of having his first ever sexual acts be with a boy.

"Your back seams are not straight, you didn't use your gaff panties properly and the garters need to be underneath your panties. A good sissy always has an ass that is easy to access." Stephanie snapped making her stepmom laugh. To her it was just great to see how Stephanie was taking out her frustration on Mark.

With that said Stephanie detached the garters, pulled Marks seams straight and reattached them after slipping them underneath the panties. "Always put on your panties last." She scolded. Then she came to the panties. To Marks surprise she slipped her hand inside of them, and with a quick forceful push she popped his testicles up into his body, making Mark yelp while tears welled up in his eyes. A quick moment later Stephanie had shoved Mark's cock back into some kind of sheet hidden in the panty lining and pulled up the panties firmly. Her frustration had been taken out on not being gentle, which was about all she could do.


Looking down Mark just couldn't believe what he saw. His crotch appeared completely flat. Before he had too much time to dwell on this however Linda said. "Come back to the store front when you're ready. You'll get your clothes back once you pay. Unless you want to look around and try on some more pretty things. In that case be my guest." Linda laughed. Not at all surprised when Mark quickly rushed behind her instead. Mark really had the potential to become a big simpering sissy, she thought, and she was going to do everything she could to push him right in that direction. Linda hadn't felt this good since laying the last hands at her own stepson's sissification. Sure, using and humiliating Stephanie was still fun, but there was none of that intense first-time embarrassment anymore, something she had once again found here.

Arriving at the register Mark was embarrassed. It was right in front of the glass front door giving everyone who would happen to look inside a full view of him. Luckily it wasn't busy, but he knew it was only a matter of time until a bus pulled up and then he was screwed.

"Alright, that's 350 dollars and another 50 for our customer service." Linda said with a mean grin referring to the spanking and other embarrassments. She didn't need the money but since this was all custom made that was the price. She knew it was a lot, but she loved making her victims pay big time for their own humiliation. It just added to it.

Of course she would never allow a sissy to leave the store without his purchases, but she had more than enough ideas of how they could pay her in an alternative way. In fact, she hoped Mark wouldn't be able to pay up. Cause her alternatives were way better than making the sissies pay for their humiliating purchases.

Mark's eyes nearly popped out of his head when he heard the price. This was insane, but then again, he couldn't really argue with it could he? No, it would lead nowhere and all he wanted was to get out of here as fast as he possibly could. He had some savings of his own from working a few odd jobs and getting a nice amount of pocket cash, but if he had to come here often it wouldn't be long before this was all down the drain.

" wallet and card are in my front pocket." He stammered feeling completely vulnerable standing there in just lingerie.

"Okay, I just need your pin." Linda said after fishing out his card and shoving it in the machine before handing it to him. Reluctantly Mark punched in his pin hearing the disheartening beep that signalled his account had just become 400 dollars lighter all for a stupid set of lingerie and the most embarrassing moments of his life.

"It was nice having you here, and we hope to see you again some time." Linda said with a shit eating grin, handing him a big paper bag in soft and darker pink stripes, the name of the store written on it in big cursive letters.

"Your clothes are in there and you should take the bag with you and bring it on your next visit, you know to do something for the climate. If you don't bring it there will be consequences." She said using the climate as an excuse to have Mark walk around with a bag that was big enough to be impossible to hide. Even more humiliation and good advertising for her store. In the hands of a sissy like Mark everyone would instantly recognise the client base she tried to go for.

Looking through the back Mark didn't find a sign of his boxer shorts or socks. Looking up at Linda he asked, "where is my underwear?" Obviously quite distraught.

"Well you are wearing it sissy. In fact, you will wear it home so get dressed or I will push you on the street just like that." Linda threatened. Knowing that she probably wasn't kidding he quickly started putting on his clothes. He instantly noticed that the padded bra created two big bumps that wouldn't go down. The trick he had used when he had to wear panties outside was impossible to use this time. Pulling his pants up was easier due to how his waist was restricted, but that only led to the legs riding up well above his ankles and there was no way he could play off these stockings as being socks. He knew he was doomed.

Eventually he just decided to wear his pants how they were supposed to be worn. With his longish T-shirt he hoped the panties and garter belt would stay hidden as long as he didn't bend or jump. Bending was hard anyway with the sturdy garter belt around his waist. Worn like this only a small hint of the stockings was visible. He just hoped it was little enough not to be noticed by anyone.

"Linda, I don't really have anything to put in the bag, so I don't really need it." Mark tried to argue holding the bag out for her to take.

"Nonsense, you are going to take it with you and back to me and that's it." Linda said starting to shove Mark to the door. With the bag still in his hands she pushed him out of the door and shouted. "Bye bye sissy, see you next time!"

The shout had been loud enough to draw the attention from a middle-aged couple that was walking down the street. They looked kind of confused at the mortified boy, but as they got closer they quickly pieced together what was going on. The bag, his blush and the countless of mannequins dressed up in all kinds of exaggerated outfits in the store front were enough to piece it together. "Oh my god who would wear stuff like that." He heard the woman gasp.

"Obviously a big fruit." The man replied with a certain hint of disgust making Mark cringe.